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I just finished watching both parts...

and I'm very happy I did. it works really well and everything in the little story fits the bill. this means a 5/5 and 10/10.

I would really think this movie rivals the original madness combat.

Ellvis responds:

I don´t think but thanks a lot :)

really good

Maybe no dual wield, but the scorpion arm had been turned into something what I would call a "strongfist", which is way better, and the big gun did well too. but more gun use from Hank would've been nice. but the large melee made a good replacement. and I can see now that the series is quite finished. because the biggest bad guy, the one in black with the red halo, blew himself up by his lust for power. and the clown was too much for him. but if a part number 11 will come out, I'll be looking forward to it.

you know what's too bad

that you didn't make a big movie out of your skills. it is amazingly animated, the sounds are very well set up, and music is too much for a short animation, bit it does fit in a bigger movie. only the punch sound was a bit too much because there wasn't a punch at all. but it didn't worsen it for me. keep it up. and if you did make a big movie, then I haven't watched that one yet.

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just got the game finished entirely

but the game gets seriously hard sometimes. when a level is over 3.5 stars, I can't win without losing a ship. and at a few others it was also a little luck that was required. I knew to destroy the final boss, but I think it took me about 3 ships to do it.

anyway, I try to say that it was respectably hard, but if you can read the red bullets and lasers, you'll be fine. playing levels over and over helps too.

the music sounds really good in this space theme, and to think that the red bullets fire during the beat, that makes the game a little easier, but not too much.

if I had to choose which level was the hardest, then I wouldn't give an answer. they were all hard in their own way and level.

alltogether I really enjoyed playing this game, so a greatly deserved 10/10.

little scary at first, but

the longer I experimented with that zombie, the less scary it got. and for some reason, I kind of like it because of the zombie reactions. however, it is somewhat complex. but still, that scientist has quite a background story, so this game is very interesting.

I really like road of the dead and this one too, so who knows what you might think of next, but I´m sure I´ll look forward to it.

Evil-Dog responds:

More awesome games to come :D


that's quite impressive. I can play this for longer than most of my games. I won the game already with two different methods, and I think I already know two other ways which I didn't use yet, which makes 4 ways in total. however, I don't know the final one yet. I don't have much to say about this game as critics, so let's keep it at this. I like the game, I agree with some things that others are saying here, and I hope to play a third version too. even though I never played the first one.

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yeah, that's what I call heavy metal.

very impressive guitar, great drums, good singing and funny fighting in-between. what more do you want.

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks man! You have a good focus on multiple elements in a tune, appreciate that! ROCK ON!

hey, I enjoy this.

it is actually very good for "just a demo". if it was your intention to get something nostalgic or adventurous out of heavy metal music, then I congratulate you, because you made it a succes.

AgeofEnlightenment responds:

thats a good description,

i love classical music and other music that has intense melodies,

so when i create music, its natural to make heavy metal cause any melody can fit into it <3

keep on listening , ill probably surprise you a couple of times ;)

this is great!

yet again, an excellent piece of heavy metal. you really are great. keep this up! why yet again? I also reviewed the other 2 of the first ones made.

Time to ROCK OUT!!!!!!!

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