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Now that I'm level up to level 8, I´m willing to tell more about my judging here. And maybe I´m also willing to share some more information.

But before that, it might be a good idea to first tell why I joined newgrounds, for you all may know, I never told that before. There were several reasons to do it, and most of them are still there for why I'm still here. Just wondering what you think of those.
First of all, it was the medal system here what caused to give me interest, often am I testing my game playing skills for points, and those medals are milestones in my eyes. I do know that I can be known to finish games really quickly, or at least my friends say so. But that last part isn't fully relevant to what I said about the medals.
Secondly, I wanted to see how most flash programmers start and measure the average skill for starters, because it might be possible I might start making flash games myself in the future. But I have a fear of failure, and it is also correct, due to school and other things, that I lack the time to do anything with flash in only a month without paying. And no, I will not use a keylogger for my own good, because I'm an honest man, it would seriously be against my morals if I would do it. Besides, crime doesn't pay off.
Thirdly, at some games, I notice a lot of great in-depth story, and often I wonder where they get some things from. From their own ideas or based on their real life, or even using his own or someone else's personality in the main character, or something resembling to that. Sometimes I want to speak with the maker of a game that really catches my attention for some reason or another. Unfortunately, due that I'm a little shy, I usually don't speak with others unless they speak with me first. It's just the way I am.
Another reason is that many that I know called me, and still call me, a democrat or a judge. And when I found the review system here, I thought I might make a good start by judging here, and I even could say what I think about it instead of just voting it with a number from 0 to 5. it isn't to my liking if I can only give a mark and not say why I gave that mark.
And finally, the last reason, I want to help or motivate flash artists here on the site to improve their skills and perfecting their flashes. Even though I lack the skills to make flash, art or music, by saying what's wrong, the artist might find outwhat the problem is, and he/she can fix it. And then the reward of a better flash is greater for him/her because he/she found the problem himself/herself with only a guideline. And I feel grateful that I can do that and that I can help. and those feelings are growing in strength if I also recieve a positive answer from the artist for being grateful for my advises and motivation.

I will say how I go to work when I'm judging flashes, (I rarely judge art or music, so it probably isn't worth to tell about that) it doesn't matter if it is a movie or a game, the judging goes the same:

Usually I will judge first the quality of the flash compared to the size, the drawing or sprite skills, the animations, the working of the functions and controls and so on. Mainly the technical parts. I already saw often that quality can be different all around. And yes, I am aware of the fact that there can be some factors what cause difference in quality, but I say more about that later. The technical parts count for 75% of the final mark.

Furthermore, I check out the experience of the maker of the game, the basics of that is to me the amount of flashes he/she already made and what the average mark is of the last four of it are more than four flashes. That system isn't perfect, but I can't think a better way, the more flashes, the less the factor in positive with the border of least positive, and increases the factor for been negative if it isn't too well made, this is for the mark. This doesn't really affect the mark by a percentage, but it does affect my mark, because I'll go easier on beginners and I'm a bit more "firm" to the more experienced. I think that's a bit more fair to do it like that rather then judging everyone the same way, like I did way back. (and dearly paid the price for) But mainly it is only one point. exept when it is exceptionally good or bad compared to skill. but that's a rarity.

My personal opinion, how fun it is, if I like it and so on, counts only for 25%. Because those are things the maker of the flash can't change for the sake of one fan. it only counts for 25 percent because I cannot help the artist with the submitted movie, but it can help with future ideas. so if you ask me, 25% seems to be a fair amount.

I usually don't give extreme numbers like 0 or 10, and mostly I try to be optimistic. I think that that works better to motivate others rather then be pessimistic and complain all the time, I think if I did that, I would shatter the motivation rather then improving it.

I think that basically is the way of judging flashes.

I am not sure if I there's more to say here now. Oh I know, maybe I should say a few names that really caught my attention here on newgrounds and why they caught my attention. it is not my intention to advertise. (it is unfortunate that I don't know how to hyperlink here, but maybe the artists partly want their privacy)

I've been "following" him since he realeased the first part of the Mardek series he caught my attention for several reasons. He has many great in-depth stories, he also makes the most complex game characters I've ever known, nearly like real humans. His storyline is also great and has many interest in many things like the future, religion, maybe history and mythology and some other things that I don't really know about. He also has great passion for his games, and I really think that's very impressive. It's also impressive is that he thought about many other humanoids, each with their own ways. I just can see that he really tries to put as much of himself in the game as he can, and I really give him credit for this all. It is very unfortunate that I cannot help him out any way, because I can't donate or help him with his games. Mainly because he does everything in the game by himself, and I don't have the money. All I can do is say that he definitely musn't give up with what he does.

What really impresses me is that, despite he's in the army, he makes nearly completely bug-proof games who are technically brilliant. He uses many different features. It is really great how he gets that done, and the action in it is made really well. But it is that is is technically nearly perfect is what's the main issue. And I'm sure he does his best for sure.

The creator of Madness Combat, it is really awesome how something that looks simple, can be really great. It never gets boring and shows great things with guns and melee weapons. It is incredible how he made those storylines. I really give him credit for it, and I really hope he keeps up with what he's doing.

The creator of Street Fighter LoA, I'm impressed in his gameplay and his simplicity. Because it is a great game as far he has made it. There aren't many bugs in there, and I can't complain a lot. I hope that when he finished that game that he keeps up with what he's doing. Oh, almost forgot, I also appreciate the fact that he is really open to reviews. I think that is also what makes him stronger.

The maker of super mario bros Z. his sprite skills, fighting actions and animation works really well. And it flows with creativity, combining Mario and Sonic like that. It also doesn't get boring, so I hope that I can see in the end how the series will end.

Andy Law:
I especially like his variety of shooter, brawler and other nearby categories. His games work really well and I never get bored of it. But it is especially his arena backgrounds that impresses me. I can only say that I hope that he will keep up with his crazy flasher game.

It is impressive hoe he trained in the skills of art, and so use it in different games like Epic Battle Fantasy or Brawl royale. I think he also uses himself and his friends in games by using the names of them. And finally, he has a pretty good sense of humor sometimes, but that doesn't take it's cost in the action.

It surely is a shame that I don't have any flash skills, but if I would make games in the end, especially those 6 artists above will be of good inspiration. Who knows what will come out. It can be something great, or maybe even nothing at all. Let's just say that I do play many games, and that those jumped out of the dark into my light. If you know what I mean.

I think that's all I want to tell today, if you have questions about my judging, or what my ideas can be for my first game, just leave a comment right here or leave a PM. I'll try to reply on those as quickly as I can, but mind you that if you place a comment, that I will reply there and not with a PM. Thank you all for your time.

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