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great ideas for stuff, but completely no skill or mood.

Posted by rockerfreak - August 3rd, 2010

I know i'm judging flashes when I come in here, but often, I can easily have a great Idea for making some kind of story for a game, but that's all I can offer which involves flash, so I'm starting to have a feeling that errr, that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to make an account here about one year ago, I dunno when I made this account. I'm especcially wanted to give opinions and I might've wanted to discuss about what I can talk about here. and the points for the medals is a great feature too.

but I guess I might be at the wrong site for that, but who knows, maybe I'm just out of my rocker. but I'm starting to think that judging flashes is something that I mustn't do because I can make flashes like #$%%^$. but yeah, I'll keep it up. and let's just hope that I will not be down anymore about this. but there is a great bright side that I do this. sometimes, those makers of flashes respond to me that I've been a good judge and/or that I motivated him/her pretty good. however, it happened less and less, and that could cause me to lose motivation.

I'll go back to my metal and rock music, hope listening to that could reload my motivation partly, I just hope so. you don't have to give suggestions about cool bands, I already know plenty of them. and if you recognise something like this state of mind I have now, and you want my help, I could give it a try, but I'm not here too often, so don't be surprised if it could take a long time for me to reply. but even I don't know everything, but, who knows, maybe i'm a pretty good help after all. oh, I'm just beaten by my state of mind right now, I guess, but don't worry about me, I'll be fine. that's all, thanks for reading this, I'll just do my part for the site, judging flashes who come in. and play a game with medals from time to time.


Hey man!

Let me tell you, what your feeling is totally normal, especially for a 16 year old. Im only 22 so i remember those days pretty well, and at that age one day your on top of the world and the next you don't see why you should even get out of bed. If it helps, this feeling DOES go away the older you get. I think true happiness comes from love, so be close with your friends, or maybe a girlfriend even, they can really make you feel a lot better. But no worries bro, things get better every day!

Also, you reviewed my flash movie "The Prince of Saiyans" and I have made a game called "Final Fantasy 7 Trivia 4" that I worked really hard on and would love to have you play and vote, but most importantly review. I would really appreciate it. Your opinion matters a lot to me.

Keep you chin up, things could always be worse man :)


hey, thanks man, sorry for the late respond, but you´re absolutely right. I once had a girlfriend, but got dumped after a month. you know, I do have some good friends, so I´m very positive that you´re right. it is some kind of pressure I´ve set here, but that will be over for sure. but I´ll do what I want and what my heart would want. and I know things will be settled right. I will seek a new girlfriend for sure. in fact, I might know someone who could be a good match for me. so don´t worry about it.

at least I can say that I really appriciate what you said to me. and to show my appreciation, i´m finally going to try your game. as far as I heard in your story, it sounds interesting. thanks for everything and keep up your good work. you´re a great man.