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reconsidered my business here.

Posted by rockerfreak - May 8th, 2010

I've decided that I will not submit anything around here. I surely wanted to, but not at this moment. I've decided to do that what I can do best around here, and that is judging for what new that comes in the portals. I'll probably be the most around the flash portal for that, and the smallest chance is the art portal. as you might have read in the news post "Damn blasted", I have little to no time to make things worth to submit, plus that making those things aren't quite my hobby as it used to be.

so I can say, the news post "the good motivator or the firm judge" gives a description how I will judge the submissions. but I think I should give a better-detailed description here.

the experience of the one who submits:
those who send their first submission will be less firmly judged then those who already submitted much. the more submissions, the more firm the judgement, with the most firm judgement if the number is above 5 submissions for one portal.

how well it is made:
this is the most important part, I check out the animations, drawing, music and so on how it matches with the result. and I can say that this what mainly gives the mark.

my own opinion about it:
I will not try to get "agressive" against other movies, but if something isn't my original taste, that could affect the mark. if it is something I usually don't like and it didn't impress me, the mark will go down a little, if it did impress me and it isn't something I usually like, the mark will go up a little. however, this is the least important part, so it will only be 1 point or so that it can rise or fall because of this.

if the mark is between 0 and 4, then I think it sucks or is below average and that you should definitely be improved. but then I will give useful critisism. and I rarely give those marks.
when the mark is between 5 and 7, then I think it is quite average. it surely doesn't suck, but it also isn't the greatest. there will then be less critisism, but I usually give these marks.
and if the mark is between 8 and 10, I think it is awesome or great. there will be little to no critisism, and when there IS, then I see quite some talent in that artist.

in the comment I place will be standing what I think what could be better, but others may think otherwise. I will try to help as much as I can, but I CANNOT help in the flash itself. and with that I mean the parts to make it. because I will only screw it up. so I can only give advise, and I must confess that I am a little dissapointed about that. but I can only help the way I can.

I hope I didn't dissapoint anyone by this announce, but this is my choice. and i'm not here every day, so it might sometimes take a while before I even respond. thanks for hearing me out.