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I'm stuck with experience.

2010-01-28 17:03:33 by rockerfreak

I've already said that I'm a good motivator or a firm Judge, but I'm stuck with my art, it isn't getting much better. if you have some drawing advise or some (free) art program, I would really appreciate it if you want to share it with me.

by the way, you cannot help me by volunteer to help me yourself, often, it is my own inspiration that flourishes my art, and I fear others don't bear it the same as I do.


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2010-01-28 17:15:19

I don´t know much about it and I haven´t used it for years but I think GIMP is a pretty good art program, at the very least it´s free so you can try it out if you want to (back when I used it GIMP 2 was the latest, but as I said that was years ago so there´s probably a newer version). Link I got from 30 seconds of googling:

rockerfreak responds:

I'll check it out soon or late, I'll see if I can use this, Thanks for the tip


2010-01-28 17:15:51

I'd tell you to practice but you've probably heard that one already.

So instead, my advice is to try new ways of drawing or whatever kind of art you do, and as for art programs try GIMP or ArtRage, I've been told they're pretty good.

rockerfreak responds:

thanks for the advise, i'll check those out soon or late.