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reason why I'm quite unknown.

2009-12-13 09:06:05 by rockerfreak

I said before that I'm maybe not a flash game maker or something, but that's not rather because I don't like it. I've never done it before just yet. I only use gamemaker to practice on kinda primitive games because I only yet have the simple version yet. so I'm only making a start for now. but once i've improved I might get a submission here, but who knows. another reason is probably that I may not be able to pay for the sprites or whatever. and a third is that I can't animate, so movies too, will not get out to soon. a fourth is to read out of my personality. i'm shy, so I don't know of the reactions. an the last is that i'm very limited in making my games. because, you know, I don't know at all how it is done. I too know that I could be a very strict judge to the work of anyone else. but I always wonder. How did they do it?

So I only want to say further is, you will not know what to expect from me.


only one last message, I made this account because I think I will make flash games or movies or whatever, but I first need to practice, otherwise I could get so-called all out zero's.


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