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Entry #1

I may not be an animator or something, but I have an eye for talent.

2009-11-25 14:32:33 by rockerfreak

I know I'm sometimes a little negative to some movies, but it isn't because I hate someone, but because I may not always see the great talent. my apoligies if i've been offending anyone just because of the movie, because I never know exacly who it is that made it. and I can say, if I would start making animated movies, the first will be CRAP for sure. but if that happens I will not be angry to quickly, I will use the information from others to see how I could improve my skills. however, My eye for good things and bad things is quite sharp. My marks will always be for the movie, not for the author himself. I will repeat once more. If I made an offence, my apoligies.